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“Jeff is a very focused, fair and analytical business executive. He has strong leadership skills and is well respected by colleagues and customers. Jeff is an expert in the Aerospace and Defense industry. He has a broad base of experience and understanding of the market, infrastructure, programs and key prime contractors.”

— Beverley Berdine, Electronics Manufacturing Services Executive

“Jeff ran all aspects of his businesses and developed a strong, functional team in a highly matrixed environment. He is a team player, a highly motivated seasoned executive, and driven to provide exceptional customer satisfaction while balancing internal financial results. Under Jeff’s leadership, Celestica grew to become one of the top EMS providers to the aerospace industry. I enjoyed working with Jeff very much, and highly recommend him. I worked with Jeff Bain at Celestica when he was General Manager of Celestica’s Aerospace and Defense business, and President and Chairman of the Board for Celestica’s Aerospace Technology Corporation (a separate entity created with a National Industrial Security Program with a facility security clearance required to develop and manufacture classified military systems). Jeff was the senior executive supporting the aerospace and defense team and implemented strategies to provide improved financial returns to Celestica. Jeff’s business unit provided world class customer support, by leveraging his extensive experience in the market and exceptional internal Celestica relationships.”

— Christy Mitchell, VP Product Management and Global Design, Celestica

“I worked with Jeff at Celestica as part of a business unit supporting Celestica’s entry in the aerospace & defense market. Jeff has strategic vision and the results-oriented leadership skills to bring that vision to reality, even in the toughest business environments. From working with Jeff at Celestica during its initial entry into the market, to observing Celestica’s performance as a formidable competitor in later years, I know Jeff to be a leader with the skill to unlock the potential of any company.”

— Timothy Lovelock, Material Management at CONTEC DTx

“Jeff is a natural leader, and has an instinct for business. He demands and rewards loyalty and will not accept less. I highly recommend Jeff, as he is a driven person, committed to excellence. Having worked for Jeff, I can attest that he will not tolerate incompetence and is a great judge of character. Jeff is a truly outstanding executive, with an excellent combination of technical and business knowledge, coupled with a winning attitude. I would stake my reputation on Jeff Bain as an organizational leader.

— Mark Campbell, Flight Controls Engineer at Gulf Stream Aerospace