Experienced EOS® Implementation

  • We help business leaders get everything they want from their business
  • Eliminate frustrations
  • Give business owners and their leadership teams a complete system of simple, proven and immediately implementable tools to transform their organization from good to great

EOS Model: Six Key Components to Strengthen Your Business

Is EOS Right For My Business?

EOS has proven to help virtually every small to mid-size company, from 10 to 400 employees, who want to get more out of their business with less effort. Specifically increasing profitability and growth. Over 5000 companies have significantly improved their performance with a success rate over 90%.

That said, we’re best suited for entrepreneurial leadership teams who are:

  • Open minded and want to build a company culture that people will want to be associated with: employees, customers, owners, investors, advisors, vendors, and community members
  • Respectful and want their business to endure well beyond their stewardship
  • Appreciative with the desire to be inspirational to those they work with as well as be inspired by the team and culture they surround themselves with
  • Wanting and seeking help to surround themselves with highly talented people and who are committed to doing what it takes to attract and retain such people
  • Determined to end their frustrations by taking a disciplined, systems-based, and transparent approach to building their business
  • Growth oriented and unwilling to accept less than double digit annual revenue rates
  • Willing to be open, honest and vulnerable in their journey to build their businesses to triple their revenue and growth over the next three to five years

Speaking Events

Are you planning an event for people who own and run entrepreneurial businesses? If you want to engage, inform and empower them, consider booking Jeff Bain. He is a graduate of EOS® Worldwide’s renowned “Boot Camp” where he received full training on all aspects of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. He has been a member of the EOS® community of trained and experienced Implementers and leverages the knowledge of over 200 fellow EOS® Implementers with his clients and speaking audiences. Jeff regularly delivers entertaining and actionable content, tailor made for busy entrepreneurs.


We offer inspiring, 60 to 120 minute Keynote Addresses that your audience will find  entertaining and jam-packed with real, immediately useful training.

Are You Running Your Business – Or Is Your Business Running You?

Introduce your clients to the real-world disciplines of EOS where they will learn a full suite of tools to simplify their business.  No theory, no flavor-of-the-month, no complexity.

Attendees are sure to walk away looking at their businesses in a whole new way. Owners and leaders will better understand how to to get more of what they want from their businesses, and they’ll be equipped with a complete set of simple yet powerful and immediately implementable tools proven to help them clarify, simplify and achieve their visions.

Improve Accountability Through Leadership and Management

This Event is for your Leaders and Middle Managers and provides complete clarity on the most important leadership and management habits that will drive accountability and performance in your company – from the top, down.   A must, not only for your leaders and managers, but for the benefit of all the employees in their stewardship. Get the most from all of your team!

Be The Best Boss You Can Be

The late, great George Carlin said it best:  “Most people work just hard enough not to get fired, and get paid just enough not to quit.”  If you care about your people, and are willing to challenge how you view your role as the “Boss”, this event will provide you the tools and disciplines to truly be a great boss and get engagement, motivation and accountability from every employee.

About Jeff Bain

Experience matters.  If you are looking for an EOS Implementer™, Jeff has 20+ years of success in starting, growing and selling entrepreneurial companies and a passion for developing strong, healthy leadership teams.  He has been in your shoes and faced your frustrations. His experience is deep, real and first hand – he knows how to build great businesses.

Jeff graduated with an engineering degree, and then joined a 10-man entrepreneurial company (Hills R&D), where he was one of three managers.  There he found his passion for leading and growing in a high accountability environment.

After tripling Hill’s revenue, profit and facilities, Jeff joined Metric System Corporation, a small development and manufacturing firm, as Engineering Manager.  He worked his way up to running the company, and after growing it to $100M, sold it to a private equity firm. He remained at the helm for three years, and then sold it again to DRS, a multi-billion dollar conglomerate.

Jeff then started a small EMS company from a distressed asset, Celestica Aerospace Technologies in Austin, Texas.  In 6 years under Jeff’s leadership, CATC grew to $100M before it was sold.

Jeff then took on a turn-around challenge, stepping in at the helm of TRADCO, a subsidiary of RTI International Metals.  The prior owner had passed away suddenly, and being a micro-manager, the existing staff was not prepared to run the business. They had lost their biggest customer, and 30% of their revenue.  In the first year, Jeff won back the trust of that customer, rebranded the company to “Advanced Forming, Inc.”, grew revenues by 45% and profit by 300%. Advanced Forming was acquired by Alcoa, and Jeff moved on to his last CEO position with Dynamet, Inc., a subsidiary of Carpenter Technology Company.  

In his first year at Dynamet, Jeff lead the turn-around by pulling together the leadership team, growing revenue and improving profit by 40%.  

Now, Jeff focuses on applying this real-world business experience and leveraging the robust and holistic structure of EOS to help entrepreneurial business owners get everything they want from their business.

When you are ready to break through your ceiling and be your best, Jeff will help you transform your company from good to great.


If you have more time and want to include hands-on work sessions, consider our Half-Day EOS Workshop. You’ll get the same real-world, practical tools that can be implemented literally tomorrow to improve your business. The Workshop is recommended for Leadership Teams where the EOS tools will be applied to your actual situations. You will leave with a clear understanding of where you need to focus to end your frustrations. In this format there is time for teams to work together ON their business.

Great material and tools that can be applied immediately. Jam packed with great tips. Jeff did a great job of condensing a lot of material in a 1½ hour teaching experience. The content was superb, well prepared and structured. In terms of take home value and relevance this was really, really good. I liked the handouts and book. Jeff was very approachable regarding asking questions. Great info. Jeff demonstrated his great experience.

George Glover, Vistage Chair