August 21st, 2017

Written by Don Tinney on June 7, 2010 “I didn’t want to come to the meeting, but I’m glad I did.” Over the years, I have heard that confession many times. Whatever the meeting – annual, quarterly or weekly – some of us, in various instances, would just prefer to skip. It’s a pretty common feeling generally stemming from one or more of the following underlying root concerns: a history of unproductive, directionless meetings filled with lots of discussion and very little resolution way…

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August 14th, 2017

For the last ten years, I’ve been pushing clients to apply a discipline that is scary to most – and rightfully so. I now have enough clients doing it that I’m comfortable sharing it, as it’s no longer simply theory. The discipline is listing all of your clients from the most profitable to the least, and then cleaning up the bottom 10 percent. One client that fully embraced this discipline calls it the “The Dirty Dozen.” Every quarter, they look at their “Dirty Dozen” and make improvements….

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August 7th, 2017

Written by Mike Paton on May 13, 2010 As many entrepreneurs now know, Professional EOS Implementers begin every session by restating our expectations for the day. Every single time we do that – to date nearly 18,000 times with the leadership teams of more than 4,000 entrepreneurial companies – we’ve asked each member of the team to be “Open and Honest” with us, and with one another. As simple and reasonable as that request might sound, complying with it is difficult, even for the best…

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July 31st, 2017

From processes to personnel, there are a number of places where entrepreneurs and business owners can effect immediate and meaningful change in business performance. My experience in nearly two decades of working with hundreds of business owners and leadership teams from a broad variety of industries is that most are frustrated by one or more of the following issues: lack of control, personnel concerns, profit worries, lack of growth, and strategic burn-out from previous strategies and…

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July 24th, 2017

Written by Mike Paton on May 25, 2017 When a leadership team embarks on the journey to implement EOS® in their business, one of the first things they learn to do is run weekly Level 10 Meetings™. While some teams resist, most come to love them quite quickly. It’s not unusual for a team to see the quality and value of their meetings improve dramatically in a few short weeks. After the leadership team masters this discipline, Level 10 Meetings are introduced throughout the company, one…

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